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It is our passion to be:

Imaginative Minds For Creative Vices.

I Sh!t You Not... It All Started In A Moldy Basement. Some of the greatest companies started in a basement, and it is now our lovely, not moldy, print shop. We are fully equip with optimism, determination, bad ideas, and good intentions.

We are a group of Cleveland rebel artists & unusuals, based out of an old century home 20 minutes outside of the city, we call our lovable establishment many things... one of which inspired Flat House Press. We all wanted to do something much bigger, something we loved, making eco-friendly art, and freely interpreting our outrageous minds. We've expanded far beyond clothing, from printed and up-cycled accessories, exclusive customs, music event vending/production/promotion, flow toy production/resale/promotion/lessons, among other festival conveniences.



Meet The Fam

...Coming Soon...

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