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Want Us To Print For You?

We create art and prints for other brands we believe in and love, let's be friends!

So what makes Exclusive Customs, well, exclusive? First off, we don't always do the art for someones exclusive custom but we love it when we do.


We offer special effects screen printing, and garment runs in smaller quantities than most other screen printers.


Using only eco-friendly water-based ink, but giving you the choice to print on eco garments or not.


Now while we don't normally do custom jobs for say a family reunion or kids sports teams, well maybe if it was for the Juggalo Family, someones trying to bring back Baseketball, or the Mighty Ducks themselves, but in all seriousness we like to take on custom jobs that we support, relate to, and/or get to make really sick art for.


We don't do just clothes, we offer full service graphic design including, logos, cards, banners, event posters, and more.


Our design team has a combined art experiance of 30+ years.


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